Baby Unicorn Balloon Money Bank

Baby Unicorn Balloon Money Bank

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Can you think of a more majestic creature to guard your baby’s savings than a baby unicorn?

We thought so, too. Which is why our baby unicorn balloon money bank is here to capture your little one’s heart. Adorable and irresistibly cute, this unique piggy bank is the perfect gift for any baby shower and a must-have item for all unicorn-themed events and memorable celebrations.

And while this lovely baby unicorn may not have any magical powers that we know of, it will become the childhood keepsake your baby boy or girl will never want to part ways with, even as an adult.

A cheerful reminder that what we dream is closer than we know, this baby unicorn coin bank will give any nursery or kid’s room a playful decorative accent, becoming an instant favorite among unicorn fans of all ages.

Made from: High-gloss electroplated resin
Measures: 7.5" L x 3.3" W x 6.4" H