Balloon Doggy Tape Dispenser-White

Balloon Doggy Tape Dispenser-White

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It’s just another manic Monday. You grab a delicious latte to kick off another week of deadline chasing, and your mood slowly brightens up with every slurping sensation on your way to the office.

You place your cup on your meticulously tidy (for now) desk and your eye falls on your newly adopted office pet. Always polished and looking sharp, it sits on your office desk in all its shiny splendor, eagerly waiting for that the moment you’ll need that perfectly sized piece of tape.

And no, it’s not just that the Balloon Doggy Tape Dispenser is practical, quiet, and obedient like that. The cuteness factor of this unusual office assistant is off the charts, too!

Measures; 7.75" L x 3" W x 6.25" H