Protective KN95 Face Mask with Valve

Protective KN95 Face Mask with Valve

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Contrary to what you may have heard in the beginning of the crisis, wearing a face mask does significantly contribute to preventing further spread of Covid-19 in communities. Based on recent data, the WHO and the CDC have changed their position on this particular issue and are now recommending to wear a facemask when you go out in public, for example, to the supermarket, pharmacy or any place where you may expect to get close to other people. Social distancing is not enough. It’s best to also wear a face mask.


Are KN95 masks reusable?

Yes, they are. But only by the same person, of course.

If you only use your mask when you go out in public, for example to buy groceries, then, according to 3M: “There is no time limit to wearing an FFR (filtering face-piece respirator) . Respirators can be worn until they are dirty, damaged or difficult to breathe through.”

In between uses, you should avoid letting your mask come into contact with any surface, and store it in a clean paper or plastic bag. And never touch the inside of the mask with your fingers.

Can I wash, or otherwise clean, my KN95 mask?

No, you can’t.